All You Need to Know About the Latest GalaCasino Game Launches, a fully owned subsidiary Gala Coral Group – the third largest casino enterprise in the UK – has recently unveiled three new games to over 1 million users. The launch of these new games has been widely talked about since Gala Coral Group announced some major shuffles in their website structures in November, 2014.

Here’s everything you need to know about these hot new games!

Double Play SuperBet

galacasinoDouble Play has been the latest in thing as far as online gaming is concerned. GalaCasino has just made it even better with their Double Play SuperBet combo that allows users to access a vast number of gameplay permutations and combinations. The game has cutting edge graphics that can be fine-tuned for best personal experience. Also, by using the Double Play benefits, gamers can improve win indication percentages, as well. It won’t be a surprise then, if SuperBet becomes the norm of online gaming in the near future.

Joker’s Gold

Joker’s Gold is an interesting take on slots. It has a 10 win lines and 5 reel slots. The difficulty levels are marked as 3, 4 and 5 – meaning that you need to match 3, 4 and 5 signs/symbols respectively on your reels with the win line.

Joker’s Gold has a circus theme and some of the graphics will definitely have you laughing your heart out. It’s a perfect slot game to get entertained.

Cash Spin

Cash Spin is a standard casual spin game with a twist. There are about 240 ways that you can end up winning and a lot of interesting wild signs will help you out to match to the win line.

Mays Microgaming Mania

As time passes these days, it’s pretty much a sure thing that modern gaming giant Microgaming will have outdone itself yet again. Last month was a particularly successful month for the company, as it unleashed unto the gambling universe not just one, but two spectacularly successful (already!) games.

Penguin Splash Slot_River of RichesThe games, namely Penguin Splash Slot and River of Riches, are filled with all of the usual fun associated with this inimitable brand plus so much more in terms winning opportunities and pay lines.

Created by Rabcat though available through Microgaming, Penguin Splash allows players to indulge in 5-reel, 25-payline video slot madness which picks them up and drops off dead in the centre of Antarctica! With heaps of Free Spins, Wild Symbols and Scatter Symbols to be encountered, players have been left exhausted by the end of a few spins since the game went live a few weeks back. Luckily, the perfect antidote to this intensely fast paced new slot game was launched alongside it – in the form of River of Riches.

River of Riches is an equally engaging, yet altogether more relaxed affair completely. Immersing players into a world clearly influenced by times past, more specifically the Ancient Egyptian period, this is also a console comprised of 5 reels and 25 pay lines.

These games have already proven themselves very popular indeed, and as testament to this fact are available now at most, if not all, reputable online casinos and can be enjoyed at your leisure. For new players, a whole array of special welcome offers are available from said casino websites if you are looking to get yourself a sub

Beginners to Love Paul Vella’s Latest Blackjack

Those who are new to the blackjack game and are seeking a simple understanding of the game need to experience the new app launched by Paul Vella termed ‘Blackjack’. It can now be found in your Google Play app store.

The Blackjack App

Blackjack appYou will get an easy game designed in the casino format in which players battle it out with their computer. Players have the opportunity to pick anywhere between 10 dollars to 100 dollars tables. The applicable rules of the game are 8 card decks which are dealt using a shoe. The first shoe card is burnt.

It’s only been a few days since the game has been launched and made available to the players. However it is quite impressive that there have already been a thousand downloads and it has received several 5 star rating reviews.

Blackjack rules for beginners: How it works

Blackjack typically does not require any introduction or detailed explanation. In the United States, it is perhaps the most popularly played table game and is easily available in casinos all over the world. The ultimate aim of any Blackjack game is to simply acquire greater points than those owned by the dealer. The catch is that you can’t go over 21.

Below are some of the rules to be kept in mind while playing blackjack:

  • The game can be played using 1 to 8 decks, each comprising fifty two cards.
  • You can count aces as one point or eleven points, two to nine as per pip value. Also face cards and tens are counted as 10 points.

The hand value is the grand total of the various point values that are gained from the separate cards. With the exception that the “blackjack” is considered to be the greatest hand, comprising a ten-point card and an ace and has the potential to top all the other twenty one-point hands.

Proposed Gambling Bill Fails To Find Support in the Senate

Two years back, Canada dreamt of a Vegas-style casino strip for itself. In spite of having received an all-party approval from the members of House of Commons, the proposed gambling law never saw the light of the day as the Senate is still undecided on it.


No support?

As per the proposed law, every province would get to allow single-game betting. The Conservatives are, however, not open to the idea as they believe that the law lacks the simple majority that is needed to pass such ordinances in the Senate.

Apart from the Conservative leaders, even sports luminaries like Senator Jacques Demers, are not in favour of the proposed law. Demers has also previously coached Montreal Canadiens. Paul Beeston, the president of baseball team Toronto Blue Jays, also supported Demers and mentioned that legalising betting in any form will only lead in the creation of more gamblers and even send out misleading messages to children.

On a contrasting note, Nancy Greene Raine, former Olympic skier mentioned that the players these days do not need to be dependent on betting and gamblers to make money as they are already being paid lot better.

Blame game

Joe Comartin, who is presently the deputy speaker, had sponsored the bill in 2012. It was also supported by Rob Nicholson, who was the justice minister back then. Looking at the lack of support for the ordinance in the Senate, questions are being raised on the bill reviews. Some are even suspicious that the government is trying to use bills initiated by private members as an easy way out to pass proposals. Interestingly, both Comartin and Nicholson have their own casinos.

A delay of two years has also brought the role of Senate in the process of democracy, under the scanner. Senator Bob Runciman, belonging to the Conservative party, mentioned that the party is not right in keeping the bill in hanging for so long.

Presently, single-game betting is not allowed in Canada, though parlay-style wagers are allowed on multiple games. Even in the US, such kind of betting is not permitted. However, it is allowed in Nevada. Taking a hint from it, provinces in Canada too are demanding the right to decide independently whether they want to allow single-game betting or not.

Top UK Players Climb Up in Global Poker Index Rankings

Current updates at the Global Poker Index (GPI) show a marked improvement in UK poker player rankings. Quite a few UK-based players have moved up in the rankings, while a few others have taken a hit and moved down a couple of notches, as well.

 Top ten UK GPI players

 pokerSitting right at the top in the UK rankings and with a commendable #14 in the world GPI, Stephen Chidwick is the man to be and to beat right now.

 Irish player Max Silver is close on Chidwick’s heels with second place in the UK and #30 in the world. Silver cashed in a total of $273,646 at the 2014 World Series of Poker.

Third in the UK ranking is Jack Salter who is #54 in the world. He has fallen from a higher position displaced by Silver.

David Vamplew is currently up on number 4 on the UK rankings; he is in close competition to Salter with a #55 ranking in the world.

Simon Deadman sits at number 5, followed by Toby ‘the jester’ Lewis at number 6, Tamer Kamel at number 7, Zimnan Ziyard in the 8th place, Tom Hall at number 9, and Oliver Price up at the 10th place.

Biggest climber

Ranking in at number 11 is Rhy Jones, the fastest climber up on the UK GPI rankings this last week. Better known by his online poker screen name ‘floppinhel’, Jones has vastly improved his worldwide position by climbing 58 places.

His improvement in rankings mainly reflects his brilliant winning streaks earlier this year. 2014 saw Jones earn multiple wins in the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour, Manchester Main Event, and 2014 WSOP.

Rhy’s four runs in the 2014 WSOP earned him a net total of $85,131. In addition, he won the third place in the $1,500 No Limit Ante-Up Hold’em event.