Online Bingo refuses to go away

bingo1Bingo has been on the Internet since 1996 and dates its origin with the website known as Bingo Zone. The business model of this website was all about advertising. It cost nothing for players to sign up for the service, and there were real cash prizes given away to winners. Naturally, the revenue for the site came from advertisers, but there was plenty of revenue that enabled the business to pay cash to winners. Computers in the mid to late 1990s were not nearly as fast as they are today, and the software needed to have an online bingo game was pushing the limits of computer technology. The games were often sluggish, but it was the only game in town for bingo enthusiasts.

Ten years after it was introduced, online bingo exploded in popularity. At this point in time, the business model changed. Bingo became similar to online poker sites where you paid to play, but also were offered a variety of promotional items as rewards to sign up and additional bonuses for playing.

Although a greater number of players are women than men, the game attracts an amazing cross section of people. It is now played the world over and games can be found 24 hours a day. The success of online bingo is partly due to its simplicity. It is difficult and often unattractive for players to learn a new game and play for money. Online bingo is easy to learn and the cost of playing is low.

The latest trend for online bingo is the expansion into mobile devices. Those using smartphones and tablets now have access to bingo games wherever they go and this has proven to be popular amount the younger mobile device users. Bingo is now undergoing a new resurgence among an age group not known for playing bingo. Mobile devices users have found a new way to occupy their time when waiting in lines and other such activities in their spare time.

Although skeptics didn’t see a future for bingo when it was first introduced, it has shown remarkable staying power. Although bingo costs money to play on most of the major sites, compared to other forms of online gambling, it is inexpensive. After 17 years, online bingo continues to stump the experts by remaining popular with new generations of Internet users.