Free Online Blackjack Games Help Playing Risk Free

For those who have been playing for years, blackjack is a fairly straightforward game when put into practice. Its objective is simple and once you learn the different variations on rules and betting, the rest is history. However, for someone who has never played the game, or has rarely played but wants to learn the ins and outs of different betting strategies, it can be a relatively risky hobby to try and learn in a real casino. People unaware of what they’re doing or how to bet in a real game of blackjack risk losing lots of money to the game.

Blackjack tableHowever, with several online gaming sites offering free blackjack games where no money is exchanged or bet, there’s a great way to practice risk free. Whether you’re a seasoned pro looking for some non-risky practice time or testing out a different counting strategy, or a new player who wants to get their feet wet with the game, these three sites offer some of the best free online blackjack available:

1. Bovada Casino Online
The Bovada Casino is one that offers a free online blackjack game, as well as free online versions of other popular casino games. With their downloadable app you can take your risk free blackjack with you on the go no matter where you are. And if and when you’re ready, you can log into their real online casino and use your newly honed skills to try and win some real cash!

2. MSN Games
MSN Games offers tons and tons of different online games for free, and blackjack is just as good of a game as any of their others. While it’s simple, straighforward, and easy to use, the relatively frequent ad interruptions can get annoying.

3. The Wizard of Odds
This is definitely the best option by far. It’s a simple set-up with helpful hints along the way about what the odds are favoring. It provides a great practice arena for learning to play. With its many different dealer settings (such as the number of decks, whether splitting is allowed, etc), it’s easy to learn the ins and outs of the game in practice.

Gambling Addict Blows up £200,000 on Fixed Odds Betting Machines

£200,000 and ten years later, Simon Perfitt is finally a wiser man. The former gambling addict has come out with a sordid tale of how fixed odd betting machines (a type of online gambling machines) nearly ruined his life.

 At one time, he says he blew up to £3000 every day on the cursed machines. He was so addicted to the machines that he went from holding a £50000 job at an e-commerce company and owning a Porsche to nearly losing the shirt on his back. The addiction not only cost him his job, but he also lost his home, his car and had to live on social security for a while. Just before he got into the habit, he was in a relationship but that too broke down after he could control his gambling habits.

Now, at 58 years he is a changed man. He has been free of his gambling addiction for more than three years now, after an intervention at Gordon Moody Association, an organization that helps gamblers break their addiction to gambling.

betting machines

How fixed odds betting machines are devastating lives

Fixed odds betting machines have been called the crack cocaine of the gambling world. Bookmakers reportedly make over £1.5 every year, in just profit from these machines.

The surprising thing is Simon was 45 years old when he started gambling on the machines. It goes to say that gambling not restricted to younger people. Even older men and women who we expect to show greater restraint and know a thing or two about the world are getting addicted.

He curses the day he put his hands on one of these fixed odds betting machines. He says he was introduced to the machines by a friend, who goaded him to visit a bookie one day and try them out. Simon was instantly hooked and soon he was spending up to 12 hours a day playing on them. His entire personality changed and after some time, he started avoiding friends and relatives.

He has now started a charity named Rethink Gambling and hopes to raise awareness on the issue. He is also going to start a campaign against fixed odds betting machines, which he says are prospering, courtesy of a loophole in the law, that allows them to raise the bets.

Massive Expansion of UK Betting Shops

The United Kingdom is a nation that is often thought to be synonymous with gambling. It is engrained in the culture, with most people who venture out to a pub on Saturday or Sunday placing a bet on sports, horse racing, pool or other games. With clever marketing from betting companies, revenues from this industry are at an all-time high. In addition, there has been an incredible expansion of betting shops throughout the country.

No matter where you visit in the UK, you are sure to see a betting shop at the nearest high street. For example, London’s Newham borough is home to 80 betting shops, with a record 18 shops on one street. If a pub, shop or restaurant happens to close down, there is about a 50% chance that the site will be converted into a gambling shop within 12 months.

sports betting

 The expansion is great for gamblers, who have never had an easier time getting to the nearest store and placing a bet. In fact, most shops have fixed odds betting terminals where games such as online poker, blackjack, roulette and slots can be played. This serves to recreate the casino experience in a small shop.

Opposition –

However, there are many people who do not approve of the UK’s enormous betting shop expansion in the past decade. A recent poll was completed by “New YouGov”, and the results were staggering. A huge 60% of the population believe that there should be a severe crackdown by the government on betting shops. Only 25% believe that the current regulations are acceptable, with 4% thinking that they are already too strict.

80% of people believe that there are too many betting shops on the high streets, and 75% believe that there should be a complete ban on betting ads on TV. While the public’s feelings are clear from this poll, it is also interesting to note that gambling is not a major issue for anyone. Only 1% of people said that a party’s proposed gambling regulation policy would influence their vote in the next regional or general elections.

Selective Expansion –

Critics of betting companies also believe that their expansion is selective, with poorer counties targeted as opposed to London’s most affluent boroughs. This opinion stems from the belief that poor people are more likely to spend their time in a betting shop.

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Bingo Remains Big


Bingo maintains a huge presence in the gaming market within the United Kingdom. Players of all kinds flock to both live games and online sites in order to get in on all the Bingo action that is available. In the world of online choices, RAPchic Bingo is one of the leading names in the industry. They enjoy such popularity due to the fact that they provide players with a wide range of bingo experiences that range from the classic to the cutting-edge and contemporary. Players also find themselves falling in love with this site due to the fact that they offer such extraordinary rewards for playing.

The beginning of the New Year is coming with countless opportunities to get your hands on some serious cash. “Beat the January Blues” is a Bingo experience that is among the leading promotions that RAPchic is excited to roll out for players. The winner of this amazing opportunity will take home a new PlayStation 4 in addition to a wealth of other cash prizes. Players can get in on all the action simply by depositing 20 pounds or more to get the ball rolling. Players also have the option of wagering 10 pounds in Bingo or 20 pounds in online slot games in order to to receive a strip of six tickets for the drawing known as “Friday Fever Jackpot.”

The RAPchic Bingo site focuses its attention on offering players the best Bingo experience available online. However, they also excel where other Bingo sites fail, presenting players with exceptional slot games and classic casino offerings. There are also annual, limited run games that keep things as exciting as possible for players. Games such as this include “Weekend Wad.” This games provides players with the opportunity to take home 25,000 pounds in loyalty points each and every weekend. Playing is simple and exciting. All that is needed is to pick one Golden Number for the drawing at hand. New players are welcome as well, enjoying a 200 percent welcome bonus when they create their first account.

Designed Around Winning Big

Texas-Holdem-pokerThere is nothing more tempting to new and established players in the world of casinos and gaming than ever-climbing jackpots. Gaming establishments all over the world realize this fact and are constantly incorporating huge jackpots into promotions on a consistent basis. Essentially, the bigger the payout, the bigger the game. Bad Beat is just one game that is increasing the excitement in the action by substantially raising their jackpot in a very short period of time. The rise in potential winnings for players also comes only 48 hours after the game gave a payout of $330,000 that went to 19 different players who were scoring big while playing Texas Hold’em.

When Winning is the Emerging Trend

UltimateBet is the organization behind the success in these two games. Despite the huge payout that first gained them some attention, the jackpot quickly rose again, now at a reported $200,000. This figure is unusual for games of this kind. Typically, it takes at least a period of a week for the potential winnings to climb to this level after recently making so many players winners. The online players are taking notice and playing a big part in making the stakes so high so quickly, according to the spokesman for UltimateBet, George MacLean.

The Unique Approach to Winning

The forward momentum has not ceased since the news first hit the web either. Bucks13 dolled out an exceedingly large jackpot yet still rose to over $214,000 dollars over a period of three days. It is not just the enthusiasm of the players that is behind the trend, however. The company cites their unique structure for player payouts as playing a major role in the fast turnaround for potential player winnings. This structure is designed to reward more players on a more regular basis rather than just those who regularly claim seats at a winning table. For instance, the Texas Hold’em system allows for players to divide 65 percent of winnings among Bad Beat players when a losing hand is anything better or equal to four 8’s. The remaining 25 percent of the money is put into the next jackpot while only 10 percent of the money goes into fees for administration.