Making a Fair Bet


As the popularity of online gaming continues to grow throughout the world, there has been an increasing demand for third-party mediation companies whose job it is to settle disputes between gaming organization and players. There are many big names that function in this capacity. For decades eCOGRA has been one of these names, establishing independent gaming standards and providing player protection to countless individuals. They represent over 220 gaming operators, and they have been a pioneer in this practice all over the globe.

Experience Counts

This year marks the 10th anniversary for this mediation company. Looking back over the ten years that have passed reveals a fairly steep rise in the number of complaints with which this company has been charged to handle. Since 2003, the number of complaints that they have registered has risen from 251 to 943 over the past year. These numbers reflect changing gaming methods by online providers, changing attitudes of players, and the exponential growth of the online gaming industry itself.

The Complaint At Hand

Over the entire 10 years that eCOGRA has been in business, its system has logged over 7,000 complaints. However, roughly 1,775 of these complaints have been deemed to be invalid due to a lack of information or evidence concerning the specific case. Also contributing to invalid complaints are the lack of responses from players filing the complaints, abusive submissions, or complaints being filed against gaming operators who are not licensed for gaming.

Who Is Playing?

The remaining 75 percent of cases were investigated by the organizations with 46 percent of the cases being resolved in favor of the players who filed the initial complaint. The majority of these complaints revolved around disputed bonuses that were being offered to players by individual gaming organizations. Outside of these cases, fraudulent players and other forms of identify fraud were high on the list of problems that eCOGRA dealt with. The most recent cases to come to the organization show a significant decline in fraudulent identification and problems of this kind, however. This reduction is due to the increased efforts of gaming providers to implement more sophisticated technology to identify fraud of this nature. The numbers reveal an even distribution of complaints per gaming provider as well. There were an average of 3.8 complaints per gaming provider among accredited websites.

At the Core of Poker Tours

Poker is a game that has received a growing amount of attention over the years. The past decade has shown an unrivaledbellagio growth in enthusiasm for this game. From the pokers stars appearing on television to the multiple variations of the game making the circuits throughout the world, poker tournaments have undergone a shift that has never before been seen. In some ways, this attention has clouded the real value of poker tournaments that have been standards in the world of gaming. The World Poker Tour is a prime example of the potential of media coverage. Despite the changes and mass appeal, however, this tournament is remaining strong, celebrating its 10th run.

Expanding Possibilities

Fortunately, not too much has changed sine this tournament first came into existence in 2002. Its initial run was held at the Bellagio, and it has been responsible for the growing enthusiasm of the game in many people’s eyes. This tournament was actually the first poker event to be televised on a wide scale using camera technology that allowed for viewers to see the hands of the players. The cameras were embedded in the table for the very first time, dramatically increasing the excitement for the public around the world. Additionally, many of the super stars in the poker world were first given exposure through this tournament.

A Cornerstone in Poker

The tournament draws in viewers thanks to the huge potential in winnings and the play-by-play action that is given out by commentators who are veterans to the game. Many of the announcers and personalities associated with this form of media typically refer to tournaments such as these as the finest-quality reality television shows on the market to date. The World Poker Tour is still being held at the Bellagio in its 10th season as well. Although it is not the tournament with the most potential for cash where players are concerned, it holds its own among other famed tours such as the World Series of Poker. This year’s event drew in 413 players and offered a top prize that was over $800,000. Another positive aspect of this tournament is that it accommodates players of all skill levels, opening the doors to future fans from an early beginning.

Head of Footballers’ Union Runs Up Huge Gambling Debt


gordon-taylorGordon Taylor, better known as the head of the union for professional football players, has been accused of being a serial gambler, having run up debts amounting to well over £100,000.

Though he has been repeatedly warned others about the dangers of betting in gambling in the last few years, Taylor has been found to put down approximately £4 million across 2,000 gambling bets over the duration of 30 months, says The Sun. The majority of the gambling bets Taylor has made was in the sport of horse racing, although the union head was found to have spent thousands of pounds in Premier League matches, some have reported.

Taylor has previously been noted for having called a “zero tolerance” approach to gambling by professional footballers, but it has been reported that he has lost £15,000 when Switzerland made its prominent defeat over England back in 2011.

The 68 year old head of the union has held his position within the Manchester-based Professional Footballers’ Association for over 30 years, having been reputed as being the only union official in the world paid as much as his salary — currently over £1 million every year.

It has been said that Taylor’s betting has caused a debt of over £100,00 with Best Bet, a gambling firm, says The Sun.

The betting company operates over the telephone and also has an office in the North West, but it is not currently in administration and has since seen a cessation of trades.

Footballers were scrutinised by Taylor, who had previously discussed taking a “zero tolerance” policy to players who wanted to put a pet on a match, and the head of the union also argued that players needed to set an example to young fans by improving their own behaviour both on and off the field.

Recently, Taylor was interviewed by the Daily Mail and stated that one of the things about being a professional footballer means understanding that they will be a role model to young fans, and being a professional footballer did not mean that they were free from law and order.

Since the allegations, Taylor has refused to make any kind of commentary on the claims despite receiving multiple calls. However, a fellow union worker stated Taylor would arrive in the office as usual but was not aware whether or not the head of the union would be willing to make comments.

Reasons Why Betting Online is Popular

Betting on sports has become increasingly more popular to masses of people. The main excitement behind it is caused by the thrill of playing and winning earning money. Before, betting was done through hand-to-hand transactions. But today, there are many ways a person can go about betting on their favourite sport games.

As a matter of fact, people can place bets on any kind of sports they want such as:

  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Football
  • Tennis

You can easily place a bet on basically any type of game you like. It is highly suggested that any bettor should have prior understanding of the sport, player or team they want to place their bets on. You can pick a winning bet if you know all the important details.

Most of the time, bets made on sports is primarily placed on a sportsbook. The bookmaker has got all the information of which betting option is available. You ought to have statistical data on the sports if you want to have a higher success rate. The main objective of sports betting is to choose a profitable bet. There are actually many different types of bets. Check out the list below:

  • You can bet on a player who will be able to score the highest.
  • You can bet on the winning team.
  • You can even bet on the margin by which a team could win.

In this modern era, the internet has become widely accessible by many. In fact, numerous things can be easily done online such as shopping, researching and even placing bets online. This is a major advantage for gambling fanatics as they don’t have to go somewhere just to place a bet. It is because, with just a few clicks from the mouse, a bet can be placed.

There are various websites online that are trusted by gambling aficionados. Read reviews of these websites so you can assess which betting website is the best. Once there is a prospect, create an account, log in and view the sportsbook for placing your bets.

What’s more, there are also sport betting systems being provided by these websites to customers. For those who don’t know, betting systems are statistical data units that have all the information and important details you require. Through these systems, choosing your winning pick is easier. With all these facilities created, betting has been taken to a whole new level and it becomes more interesting and easier to win money!

Boxing – May the Odds Be In Your Favour

Betting on boxing matches is now easier compared to the old days. Thanks to the online platform that a number of online sportsbooks are now accepting wagers on the fights results. With hundreds or perhaps thousands of respected sportsbooks that are taking bets online, wagers on boxing has never been this exciting.

The Market for Boxing Bets

Majority of the online sportsbooks enable players to gamble on the win market. However, there are some that occasionally open up a book in the “over/under” market. So what does this mean? It only means that aside from predicting the winner of the match, bettors can also wager whether the fight will make it past a certain distance.

This type of market is extremely profitable. However, one should still remember that this market is only accessible for some specific match-ups such as fights of high profile and extremely famous boxers.

One can also bet on a myriad of markets such as the following:

  • Round Betting – this means that bettors will wage with regards to when the fight will finish and who will win the match.
  • Grouped Round Betting – this is a type of wager wherein one bets on the winning fighter between selections of rounds. For example “boxer A” to win between round 7 and 9.
  • Fight Outcome – in this betting, one can bet on the result whether the boxer wins by Knockout, Disqualification, Technical Knockout or by Decision. There are different possibilities that will be offered for every result and both will be offered for each boxer.

These betting options are vital for all regular boxing bettors as these can increase their odds of winning on such a wager. With the continuous development of technology, betting on different sports has become easier due to the online betting platform offered by different websites.