UK Gambling Laws Explained

The United Kingdom is generally considered to be a nation which approaches the pursuit of gambling and all of its related legislation with a great degree of liberalism. As one of the first nations have embraced the pass time in its modern form, many of the world’s premier gaming and wagering brands and bookmakers first made their name in, and are still based out of the UK.

gambling act 2005As is the case with a great deal of the law, the legislation in place which acts to govern the processes involving players and hosts is nothing short of extremely complex – depending on how far you wish to read into it, of course.

At present, the 2005 Gambling Act covers the lion’s share of commercial gambling in the nation; and outlines its objectives thusly:

“(a) preventing gambling from being a source of crime or disorder, being associated with crime or disorder or being used to support crime, (b) ensuring that gambling is conducted in a fair and open way, and (c) protecting children and other vulnerable persons from being harmed or exploited by gambling.”

  • 2005 Gambling Act

For the years following the announcement of the act, it seemed to be pretty smooth sailing. This was until, in 2012, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport published a report which criticised the act on the chief grounds that it revokes any efforts made to tackle problem gambling on the streets of the UK’s towns and cities and the fact that online providers were allowed free roam over UK citizens despite not currently being subject to regulation or indeed taxation.

In the years since, the legislation has been subject to a number of positive changes which sets about amending these issues. For example, a point of consumption tax is now in place for all online providers serving the UK.

More information on the UK’s gambling laws is abundantly available online and elsewhere.

Big Win on Terminator II

Located on the Mediterranean island of Malta, Crazy Vegas Casino is an internationally known online casino. Crazy Vegas recently expanded its virtual slot machine section to include Terminator II, one of the newest casino games from Micrograming. Microgaming is a software firm responsible for producing an array of casino games for the online gambling industry. Terminator II, like all of the games in Microgaming’s catalog, is easy-to-play, interactive, engaging, secure, and free of glitches.

terminator_2Terminator II was created to commemorate Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 1991 film, Terminator II: Judgment Day. In fact, many of the motifs and symbols found throughout the movie are depicted on the online casino game’s reels. Gamers will also be pleased to know that Microgaming included a fast-paced soundtrack and a wide variety of explosive sounds to accompany each spin. These additional features are just another reason why the Terminator II slot machine should be one of the most popular online slot machine games in Crazy Vegas Casino’s stable.


Because Terminator II is a 5-reel slot machine; there are 243 different winning combinations. Microgaming gives players the option of betting with between 1 coin and 10 coins. Players are also allowed to pick the value of the coins they are wagering. For example, gamblers can bet coins that have values of 1 cent, 2 cents, 5 cents, or 10 cents. This wager variability is great for both experienced and novice gamblers alike.

Terminator II also comes equipped with an automatic play feature. When a gambler selects automatic play, the machine will make pre-programmed spins for the player. This enables the gambler to do something else and still make money.

Security Features

From a security features standpoint, Terminator II is secured by the same system that protects Crazy Vegas Casino’s other virtual slot machines. Crazy Vegas Casino is certified by the eCORGA, is properly licensed by Malta’s Lotteries and Gaming Authority, and uses 128 bit encryption and security. For people unfamiliar with these terms and licenses, all of these components suggest that your personal information and credit card details will remain completely safe while enjoying Terminator II at Crazy Vegas Casino.

Customer Support and Contact

Terminator II has a built-in customer service feature that allows the gambler to connect with one of Crazy Vegas Casino’s live chat operators 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Crazy Vegas also maintains a customer service hotline if your prefer calling instead of communicating via instant messaging.

World Cup Betting in Macau

The football World Cup is one of the biggest sporting events in the world. Not only does it attract a lot of attention from fans, but it also brings about a big surge in sports betting. During this summer’s world cup, a betting ring was broken apart by police in Macau. This syndicate is alleged to have taken up to $650 million in bets on football World Cup games.

This is the largest illegal gambling circuit that has ever been apprehended in association with sports betting. It is said that the people responsible for this gambling syndicate would spend their time in hotel rooms, taking bets through the internet and on their mobile phones. Bets were placed from around the world, with the highest bet valued at close to $5 million.

World Cup Betting

More than 20 people were arrested in connection to this betting group, with most of the members from China, Malaysia and Hong Kong. In addition to the arrests, a number of valuables were seized by police. A number of electronic devices were taken, which had information pertaining to the group’s operations. In addition, a large sum of money was confiscated by police.

This is not the only betting ring that was spotted by police in Macau. Another ring was broken up by police a few days later. This group is said to have taken more than half a million dollars in World Cup bets in one day.

These arrests show that the police have become serious about trying to stop illegal gambling groups in Macau, China and other parts of the region. There is said to be involvement from international agencies, such as Interpol, in these investigations.

Asia is the hub of illegal gambling, with more than 50% of such bets leading to betting rings set up in that continent. Getting a handle on these organizations can be a challenge for the police.

A reputable Chinese newspaper claims that more than 35 people have been arrested by police in Hong Kong in association with illegal World Cup gambling. Betting slips recovered have shown more than $10 million worth of bets.

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Bingo Remains Big

Football-Gambling-TipsFootball-Gambling-TipsFootball-Gambling-TipsBingo maintains a huge presence in the gaming market within the United Kingdom. Players of all kinds flock to both live games and online sites in order to get in on all the Bingo action that is available. In the world of online choices, RAPchic Bingo is one of the leading names in the industry. They enjoy such popularity due to the fact that they provide players with a wide range of bingo experiences that range from the classic to the cutting-edge and contemporary. Players also find themselves falling in love with this site due to the fact that they offer such extraordinary rewards for playing.

The beginning of the New Year is coming with countless opportunities to get your hands on some serious cash. “Beat the January Blues” is a Bingo experience that is among the leading promotions that RAPchic is excited to roll out for players. The winner of this amazing opportunity will take home a new PlayStation 4 in addition to a wealth of other cash prizes. Players can get in on all the action simply by depositing 20 pounds or more to get the ball rolling. Players also have the option of wagering 10 pounds in Bingo or 20 pounds in online slot games in order to to receive a strip of six tickets for the drawing known as “Friday Fever Jackpot.”

The RAPchic Bingo site focuses its attention on offering players the best Bingo experience available online. However, they also excel where other Bingo sites fail, presenting players with exceptional slot games and classic casino offerings. There are also annual, limited run games that keep things as exciting as possible for players. Games such as this include “Weekend Wad.” This games provides players with the opportunity to take home 25,000 pounds in loyalty points each and every weekend. Playing is simple and exciting. All that is needed is to pick one Golden Number for the drawing at hand. New players are welcome as well, enjoying a 200 percent welcome bonus when they create their first account.

Tottenham vs Arsenal Odds

With Arsenal’s Champions League campaign over at the last 16 stage, their focus will turn to domestic action as they take on their cross town rivals Tottenham. This is a significant clash for both teams, with Spurs having ambitions of claiming a top four spot. Arsenal are still in with a shot at the Premier League title, but they cannot afford to slip up in many more games.

The odds for this game reflect the close nature of previous meetings between the two sides. Arsenal are the favorites, despite the footballgame being played at White Hart Lane, but the margins are fine. Most bookmakers have them at 6/4 to get the win, while Spurs are at 2/1. The draw is priced at 5/2, which proves that bookmakers are not sure about the outcome.

The smart money would be on Tottenham for this game. They are coming off a disappointing loss to Chelsea, where their manager openly questioned the character and determination of his side. Meanwhile, Arsenal endured an energy sapping encounter with Bayern Munich, where they came off second best. Spurs will want to avenge the 1-0 defeat they suffered at the Emirates Stadium early in the season. That was a tight game, with Spurs having plenty of possession but failing to significantly test the Arsenal goalkeeper.

Emmanuel Adebayor is the best bet in the first goalscorer category. The Togolese footballer has been in terrific form since Tim Sherwood took over from Andre Villas Boas as manager. He enjoys playing against his former club, and will want to inflict a fatal blow to Arsenal’s title challenge. Arsenal’s best bet at a first goal would be Lukas Podolski. He rarely plays as the central striker, but is a deadly threat from the left wing. With striker Olivier Giroud out of sorts in recent games, Podolski will be the one to watch out for.

Expect an end to end encounter, with plenty of passion, crunching tackles, and intensity from both sides. Arsenal will attempt to show their greater passing quality, but Spurs have enough firepower to nick a goal on the counter and get the win.

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