Beginners to Love Paul Vella’s Latest Blackjack

Those who are new to the blackjack game and are seeking a simple understanding of the game need to experience the new app launched by Paul Vella termed ‘Blackjack’. It can now be found in your Google Play app store.

The Blackjack App

Blackjack appYou will get an easy game designed in the casino format in which players battle it out with their computer. Players have the opportunity to pick anywhere between 10 dollars to 100 dollars tables. The applicable rules of the game are 8 card decks which are dealt using a shoe. The first shoe card is burnt.

It’s only been a few days since the game has been launched and made available to the players. However it is quite impressive that there have already been a thousand downloads and it has received several 5 star rating reviews.

Blackjack rules for beginners: How it works

Blackjack typically does not require any introduction or detailed explanation. In the United States, it is perhaps the most popularly played table game and is easily available in casinos all over the world. The ultimate aim of any Blackjack game is to simply acquire greater points than those owned by the dealer. The catch is that you can’t go over 21.

Below are some of the rules to be kept in mind while playing blackjack:

  • The game can be played using 1 to 8 decks, each comprising fifty two cards.
  • You can count aces as one point or eleven points, two to nine as per pip value. Also face cards and tens are counted as 10 points.

The hand value is the grand total of the various point values that are gained from the separate cards. With the exception that the “blackjack” is considered to be the greatest hand, comprising a ten-point card and an ace and has the potential to top all the other twenty one-point hands.