Free Online Blackjack Games Help Playing Risk Free

For those who have been playing for years, blackjack is a fairly straightforward game when put into practice. Its objective is simple and once you learn the different variations on rules and betting, the rest is history. However, for someone who has never played the game, or has rarely played but wants to learn the ins and outs of different betting strategies, it can be a relatively risky hobby to try and learn in a real casino. People unaware of what they’re doing or how to bet in a real game of blackjack risk losing lots of money to the game.

Blackjack tableHowever, with several online gaming sites offering free blackjack games where no money is exchanged or bet, there’s a great way to practice risk free. Whether you’re a seasoned pro looking for some non-risky practice time or testing out a different counting strategy, or a new player who wants to get their feet wet with the game, these three sites offer some of the best free online blackjack available:

1. Bovada Casino Online
The Bovada Casino is one that offers a free online blackjack game, as well as free online versions of other popular casino games. With their downloadable app you can take your risk free blackjack with you on the go no matter where you are. And if and when you’re ready, you can log into their real online casino and use your newly honed skills to try and win some real cash!

2. MSN Games
MSN Games offers tons and tons of different online games for free, and blackjack is just as good of a game as any of their others. While it’s simple, straighforward, and easy to use, the relatively frequent ad interruptions can get annoying.

3. The Wizard of Odds
This is definitely the best option by far. It’s a simple set-up with helpful hints along the way about what the odds are favoring. It provides a great practice arena for learning to play. With its many different dealer settings (such as the number of decks, whether splitting is allowed, etc), it’s easy to learn the ins and outs of the game in practice.