World Cup Betting in Macau

The football World Cup is one of the biggest sporting events in the world. Not only does it attract a lot of attention from fans, but it also brings about a big surge in sports betting. During this summer’s world cup, a betting ring was broken apart by police in Macau. This syndicate is alleged to have taken up to $650 million in bets on football World Cup games.

This is the largest illegal gambling circuit that has ever been apprehended in association with sports betting. It is said that the people responsible for this gambling syndicate would spend their time in hotel rooms, taking bets through the internet and on their mobile phones. Bets were placed from around the world, with the highest bet valued at close to $5 million.

World Cup Betting

More than 20 people were arrested in connection to this betting group, with most of the members from China, Malaysia and Hong Kong. In addition to the arrests, a number of valuables were seized by police. A number of electronic devices were taken, which had information pertaining to the group’s operations. In addition, a large sum of money was confiscated by police.

This is not the only betting ring that was spotted by police in Macau. Another ring was broken up by police a few days later. This group is said to have taken more than half a million dollars in World Cup bets in one day.

These arrests show that the police have become serious about trying to stop illegal gambling groups in Macau, China and other parts of the region. There is said to be involvement from international agencies, such as Interpol, in these investigations.

Asia is the hub of illegal gambling, with more than 50% of such bets leading to betting rings set up in that continent. Getting a handle on these organizations can be a challenge for the police.

A reputable Chinese newspaper claims that more than 35 people have been arrested by police in Hong Kong in association with illegal World Cup gambling. Betting slips recovered have shown more than $10 million worth of bets.

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