Making a Fair Bet


As the popularity of online gaming continues to grow throughout the world, there has been an increasing demand for third-party mediation companies whose job it is to settle disputes between gaming organization and players. There are many big names that function in this capacity. For decades eCOGRA has been one of these names, establishing independent gaming standards and providing player protection to countless individuals. They represent over 220 gaming operators, and they have been a pioneer in this practice all over the globe.

Experience Counts

This year marks the 10th anniversary for this mediation company. Looking back over the ten years that have passed reveals a fairly steep rise in the number of complaints with which this company has been charged to handle. Since 2003, the number of complaints that they have registered has risen from 251 to 943 over the past year. These numbers reflect changing gaming methods by online providers, changing attitudes of players, and the exponential growth of the online gaming industry itself.

The Complaint At Hand

Over the entire 10 years that eCOGRA has been in business, its system has logged over 7,000 complaints. However, roughly 1,775 of these complaints have been deemed to be invalid due to a lack of information or evidence concerning the specific case. Also contributing to invalid complaints are the lack of responses from players filing the complaints, abusive submissions, or complaints being filed against gaming operators who are not licensed for gaming.

Who Is Playing?

The remaining 75 percent of cases were investigated by the organizations with 46 percent of the cases being resolved in favor of the players who filed the initial complaint. The majority of these complaints revolved around disputed bonuses that were being offered to players by individual gaming organizations. Outside of these cases, fraudulent players and other forms of identify fraud were high on the list of problems that eCOGRA dealt with. The most recent cases to come to the organization show a significant decline in fraudulent identification and problems of this kind, however. This reduction is due to the increased efforts of gaming providers to implement more sophisticated technology to identify fraud of this nature. The numbers reveal an even distribution of complaints per gaming provider as well. There were an average of 3.8 complaints per gaming provider among accredited websites.