Designed Around Winning Big

Texas-Holdem-pokerThere is nothing more tempting to new and established players in the world of casinos and gaming than ever-climbing jackpots. Gaming establishments all over the world realize this fact and are constantly incorporating huge jackpots into promotions on a consistent basis. Essentially, the bigger the payout, the bigger the game. Bad Beat is just one game that is increasing the excitement in the action by substantially raising their jackpot in a very short period of time. The rise in potential winnings for players also comes only 48 hours after the game gave a payout of $330,000 that went to 19 different players who were scoring big while playing Texas Hold’em.

When Winning is the Emerging Trend

UltimateBet is the organization behind the success in these two games. Despite the huge payout that first gained them some attention, the jackpot quickly rose again, now at a reported $200,000. This figure is unusual for games of this kind. Typically, it takes at least a period of a week for the potential winnings to climb to this level after recently making so many players winners. The online players are taking notice and playing a big part in making the stakes so high so quickly, according to the spokesman for UltimateBet, George MacLean.

The Unique Approach to Winning

The forward momentum has not ceased since the news first hit the web either. Bucks13 dolled out an exceedingly large jackpot yet still rose to over $214,000 dollars over a period of three days. It is not just the enthusiasm of the players that is behind the trend, however. The company cites their unique structure for player payouts as playing a major role in the fast turnaround for potential player winnings. This structure is designed to reward more players on a more regular basis rather than just those who regularly claim seats at a winning table. For instance, the Texas Hold’em system allows for players to divide 65 percent of winnings among Bad Beat players when a losing hand is anything better or equal to four 8’s. The remaining 25 percent of the money is put into the next jackpot while only 10 percent of the money goes into fees for administration.