£50,000 Fine Levied on Cameron Jerome for Betting Offences

Jerome Cameron

Stoke City striker Cameron Jerome has been fined £50,000 by the Football Association for betting offences that were said not to be related to match fixing or betting on games in which he played. The Football Association did not state exactly what the betting offences were, but they did state that several of them took place.

Personal Hearing

The 26-year-old striker fought the charges by requesting a personal hearing. The hearing was held on August 13, but the fine was upheld. Jerome must pay £50,000 to answer for his unspecified violations of Football Association rules concerning betting.

After the hearing, the Football Association released a statement explaining the ruling which stated that, “Jerome, who was also severely warned as to his future conduct, admitted a number of breaches of The FA’s Betting Rule.”

Speculation Rampant
There is no telling what the sports betting offenses may be accordingto gamblingsitesreview gambling nres websites. The chances are that Jerome was placing bets of some kind that ran him afoul of Football Association rules that strictly prohibit most forms of gambling by players.

Chance of Appeal

Jerome can fight the ruling if he chooses to do so. Although he will not miss any playing time, £50,000 is a hefty chunk of change that will surely give Jerome incentive to think about fighting the charges. Although he already lost at the personal hearing, he may be able to reduce the fine amount by going through the appeal process. A complete overturning of the sentence is highly unlikely, and Jerome will have to be more careful in the future to avoid breaking the Football Association’s betting rules.

Not the Only Recent Betting Violations
Jerome is not the only person to run into problems with the Football Association regarding betting violations. Tottenham midfielder Andres Townsend was recently fined £18,000 and suspended for four months for unspecified betting offenses, which caused him to miss playing for England in the Under-21 European Championship.

Also, Robert Heys, the managing director of Accrington Stanley, has admitted to committing betting offenses as well. He has not yet been sentenced by the Football Association, but he has a hearing soon in front of the FA to respond to the charges.

Stoke City management is standing by their striker. They have said they support him and that he will not miss any playing time due to the violations, which is good news for Stoke City fans. This incident will serve as a warning to other players in the future.