Betsafe Casino Review

betsafeBetsafe was founded in 2005 and launched in 2006 as a sports betting service. Licensed by the Maltese betting regulators, Betsafe presently boasts of a large player base of more than half a million, spread over a hundred countries. However, the bulk of their business is focussed around Scandinavian and Eastern European countries.

What it offers

Sports betting odds, bookmaking services, live betting odds and currency converted odds.

Languages available

Betsafe website is available in most of the European languages, including English, Bulgarian, French, Danish, Polish, Norwegian, Spanish and Portuguese.

Owned by

It was previously owned by Safepay Malta. However, the ownership was recently acquired by another Maltese gambling giant Betsson Co.

Which sports are covered by Betsafe?

Betsafe covers most of the popular sports. These include athletics, football, rugby, cricket, hockey, basketball, golf, tennis, winter sports, ice hockey, martial arts etc.

Are other odds covered?

Yes. Betsafe routinely offers odds in other popular miscellaneous categories including music, movies, media, politics, entertainment, weather, celebrities etc.


Betsafe offers modest bonuses that appear to be somewhat less attractive, especially when compared to the ones offered by other bookmakers such as Bet 365 or Ladbrokes.

Presently, Betsafe offers 50% matched bonuses with an upper cap of €50.

Website security

Betsafe website is fully secured for financial transactions. It offers first rate secure protocol service signed and authorized by VeriSign.

Customer support and assistance

Betsafe offers round the clock customer support service via telephone, email and live chat. Free of charge hotlines are available to users based in most of the European countries.

Overall Verdict

Betsafe is a good bookmaker if you wish to place bets on political or entertainment events. Their sports betting odds seem to be just a little inferior to major bookmakers operating in the Eurozone. Check out the gambling guide website to stay updated on which slot machines pay the best 2020.

UK Betting Industry’s Heavy Reliance on Online Casinos

United Kingdom’s betting market employs more than 107,000 people and is worth more than £6 billion per annum. The figure sums up to a whopping US$9.8 million, and has been so recorded by the United Kingdom’s Gambling Commission. One of the reasons for this huge spurt in business and the billions of dollars earnings is due to the immense growth in the gambling sector in the UK, given the success of online betting. These online betting games are organized and hosted by some of the most popular online casino portals in the United Kingdom.

Uk GamblingThe biggest online gambling market in Europe

UK also happens to the biggest market of online gambling in the entire continent of Europe. The betting industry in Europe is said to be valued at USD 14.7 billion currently. That rounds up to a share of 66.67 per cent of the betting market to the UK. Unlike the US, United Kingdom has been considered the world leader when it comes to online gaming. The change took place when the country passed some favourable laws in the year 2007.

Industry research reports on UK’s betting market

UK houses 8 per cent of the European online casinos (as of 2012), as per a study conducted by Deloitte. Post 2012, the growth in the number of online casinos has occurred at a rate of more than 1 per cent per annum. Betting on the internet on sports alone is worth £650 million per annum. As per a report published by the Guardian, online gaming is as favoured in the UK as any other kind of gambling. This is specifically true when one factors in frequency of gambling. Currently online gaming and betting at horse races are the two most popular forms of gambling in this country. The online gambling population of 2.1 million UK customers make all this possible.

All You Need to Know About the Latest GalaCasino Game Launches, a fully owned subsidiary Gala Coral Group – the third largest casino enterprise in the UK – has recently unveiled three new games to over 1 million users. The launch of these new games has been widely talked about since Gala Coral Group announced some major shuffles in their website structures in November, 2014.

Here’s everything you need to know about these hot new games!

Double Play SuperBet

galacasinoDouble Play has been the latest in thing as far as online gaming is concerned. GalaCasino has just made it even better with their Double Play SuperBet combo that allows users to access a vast number of gameplay permutations and combinations. The game has cutting edge graphics that can be fine-tuned for best personal experience. Also, by using the Double Play benefits, gamers can improve win indication percentages, as well. It won’t be a surprise then, if SuperBet becomes the norm of online gaming in the near future.

Joker’s Gold

Joker’s Gold is an interesting take on slots. It has a 10 win lines and 5 reel slots. The difficulty levels are marked as 3, 4 and 5 – meaning that you need to match 3, 4 and 5 signs/symbols respectively on your reels with the win line.

Joker’s Gold has a circus theme and some of the graphics will definitely have you laughing your heart out. It’s a perfect slot game to get entertained.

Cash Spin

Cash Spin is a standard casual spin game with a twist. There are about 240 ways that you can end up winning and a lot of interesting wild signs will help you out to match to the win line.

Mays Microgaming Mania

As time passes these days, it’s pretty much a sure thing that modern gaming giant Microgaming will have outdone itself yet again. Last month was a particularly successful month for the company, as it unleashed unto the gambling universe not just one, but two spectacularly successful (already!) games.

Penguin Splash Slot_River of RichesThe games, namely Penguin Splash Slot and River of Riches, are filled with all of the usual fun associated with this inimitable brand plus so much more in terms winning opportunities and pay lines.

Created by Rabcat though available through Microgaming, Penguin Splash allows players to indulge in 5-reel, 25-payline video slot madness which picks them up and drops off dead in the centre of Antarctica! With heaps of Free Spins, Wild Symbols and Scatter Symbols to be encountered, players have been left exhausted by the end of a few spins since the game went live a few weeks back. Luckily, the perfect antidote to this intensely fast paced new slot game was launched alongside it – in the form of River of Riches.

River of Riches is an equally engaging, yet altogether more relaxed affair completely. Immersing players into a world clearly influenced by times past, more specifically the Ancient Egyptian period, this is also a console comprised of 5 reels and 25 pay lines.

These games have already proven themselves very popular indeed, and as testament to this fact are available now at most, if not all, reputable online casinos and can be enjoyed at your leisure. For new players, a whole array of special welcome offers are available from said casino websites if you are looking to get yourself a sub

UK Gambling Laws Explained

The United Kingdom is generally considered to be a nation which approaches the pursuit of gambling and all of its related legislation with a great degree of liberalism. As one of the first nations have embraced the pass time in its modern form, many of the world’s premier gaming and wagering brands and bookmakers first made their name in, and are still based out of the UK.

gambling act 2005As is the case with a great deal of the law, the legislation in place which acts to govern the processes involving players and hosts is nothing short of extremely complex – depending on how far you wish to read into it, of course.

At present, the 2005 Gambling Act covers the lion’s share of commercial gambling in the nation; and outlines its objectives thusly:

“(a) preventing gambling from being a source of crime or disorder, being associated with crime or disorder or being used to support crime, (b) ensuring that gambling is conducted in a fair and open way, and (c) protecting children and other vulnerable persons from being harmed or exploited by gambling.”

  • 2005 Gambling Act

For the years following the announcement of the act, it seemed to be pretty smooth sailing. This was until, in 2012, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport published a report which criticised the act on the chief grounds that it revokes any efforts made to tackle problem gambling on the streets of the UK’s towns and cities and the fact that online providers were allowed free roam over UK citizens despite not currently being subject to regulation or indeed taxation.

In the years since, the legislation has been subject to a number of positive changes which sets about amending these issues. For example, a point of consumption tax is now in place for all online providers serving the UK.

More information on the UK’s gambling laws is abundantly available online and elsewhere.